Galp Project

(A work in progress in Lisbon with Ana João Romana)

This project is based on the memories of the workers of this place . 

As the memories are the only way to contradict entropy of the place.

By creating a travelling of images of the and researching close to histories of the living working industry the memory here could be a trigger to slow down the speed of the space entropy level. The death could come later. 

To see more visit page Galp project on the top.

Matinha storys

The Matinha’s farm is bought. The embankment works start at the riverside. The sand is removed from the left bank. Buildings are demolished; trees from the farm are dig up. Only a house and warehouse are left.

The coal is discharged at the wharf. Slow trolleys make it slide through the rails until the oven’s building.

The house where he lives is close to the factory where he works. At then factory they produce ammonia. He puts an amount on a bottle and takes it home to use as a cleaning product. (The camera focuses on the bottle).

He finishes the army.
His basketball coach tells him about a contest for security at the factory.
He makes the physical exams. Few days later he prepares himself for the first day at work.

At induction, a fire extinguisher leaves him covered in white from head to toe. He is afraid. He looks at his colleague and notices that he is also alarmed, because of the noise of the steam.
Both laugh.

He works for 40 years at the factory’s laboratory, until it’s closed down in the beginning of 1998.
When the exhibition Expo 98 opens, in the same location – the oriental part of town near the river – he buys a ticket and visits all the show.

He and his father work in the same factory. They meet only at the lunch break, in the canteen.

There is an ammonic leak from the tank-car, the coupling bursts. The gas is toxic and irritating. Tons are lost.

In the 60’s lots of people came from Mação, alleged by the start of the factory.
He is the director from the City Gas Factory.
When he visits his homeland he is treated as Mr. Engineer. Relatives ask for jobs for their children.

Besides the gasometer in Matinha, there is another for support in Infante Santo Avenue. They plan to expand the storage area. The population makes them heard and don’t allow.

As a kid he goes to the balneal colony in Venda do Pinheiro and studies at Voz do Operário, in Graça. During school he makes a study visit to the factory in Matinha. The factory is built during the II World War. When it opens is the most recent in Europe.


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