Midnight Express – Bad Machines

The wheel

Against the wheel


Against the wheel/will

Can a Man’s behaviour be compared or even explained by a physical and scientific phenomenon like Entropy?

In 1978, Alan Parker directed the successful movie entitled Midnight Express. In a particular moment of that movie, a man that has been convicted to 4 years in a Turkish jail for using and trafficking drugs, is seen in a space full of people walking clockwise around a wheel. That man starts walking against the flow, bumping against others that are coming from the opposite direction even while they try to persuade him that he is waking the wrong way. Why are there a Wright and a Wrong way to go around a circle? What phenomenon makes people follow each other? This Metaphor for the rules of society shows how the attraction for the forbidden could end up in a kind of anarchy, which relates to the high level of Entropy that a society can reach.

Comparing that particular moment in the movie with a real life example, imagine London at rush hour, more specifically Piccadilly Circus, crowed with people, the perceptive space limited by its architecture and the square is similar to a roundabout made-up of people.

By necessity, people impose one single direction to circulate and if you need to go in the opposite direction your effort will increase the Entropy in the system within that space.


Piccadilly Circus








Piccadilly Circus

(desert after a snow day, I will take one in a rush hour soon ) 


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