Tilbury Industrial Park

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History of Tilbury Industrial Park

In 1973 approximately 726 acres were purchased along the south shore of the Fraser River in North Delta, B.C.  With the growing demand for industrial zoned property close to 402 acres were removed from the Agriculture Land Reserve and zoned Industrial (I-1 and I-2).

In the summer of 1976, dredging commenced, to fill the 120 acres designated as Phase I of the Tilbury Industrial Park, to the 7-foot elevation. Shortly after, in the Autumn of 1976, the servicing and engineering commenced.

September 1977 the installation of water mains and sewer lines took place and preparation was made for roads, curbs and street lighting, which were scheduled for completion in the Spring of ’78. A lead rail track was provided through Phase I, and in March ’78, hydro commenced servicing Phase I with electricity and natural gas was installed in the fall. 

In November 1977, a ‘Sod –Turning Ceremony’ was performed on site to commemorate the official opening of Tilbury Industrial Park – Phase I, with the Honourable Don Phillips presiding. The Subdivision Plan of Phase I was registered in the land Registry Office in December 1977 and land sales began in January 1978. It took one year to complete and by the end of 1978 the total acreage sold or leased amounted to 23.93 acres.

In 1979 the sales momentum increased to the point where first years sales were achieved by May by the end of 1979 over 65 acres were sold or under intern agreement. In view of this fact, the urgency to bring Phase II on stream without further delay became paramount. The Development Corporation had previously undertook to fill a further 120 acres to the West of Phase I to the 7-foot elevation in anticipation of this requirement and in May 1979, negotiations began with the Corporation of Delta.

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