Elephant and Castle


still in room 506-F . A view from my window

Just now that I’m moving out to another place , realise the importance of this view and in particular of the Elephant and Castle environment. 

I can say that this is my MA Tutor (Andy Stiff) influence to as he in his personal work is also very interest in this particular area. Made me look with more attention to the environment I was living in.

I’m challenge myself to do some practical work in a different method that i was doing previously . 

So as my attention was attracted for the view of my window I intend to explore the history of it.

in this case the view is a particular case of interest because next to the new Strata building is the “Old Modernist” one . At the time , I guess in the 70s when was built , this structure was the highest one with the better view and functional spaces . Now Strata is reaching just side by side a new size to the area . To compare in between then it seams a irony of Man’s dissatisfaction . And the new becomes old so quick . This dissatisfation makes the disappearance of the concept of New. 

In a previously post i already captured some moments of Srata construction, showing already an attraction for that image that was growing up in my room. Its amazing  seeing, everyday the  frame of the window as a screen with a real life moving images changing


“At 147.9 metres, Strata is now SE1’s tallest building a title previously held by Guy’s Tower (143 metres). Strata is likely to keep the title until the Shard at London Bridge is built.

Developers Brookfield Europe also boast that the development – which will include 408 new homes –

will be central London’s tallest residential building when it is completed in April 2010”

From Elephant and Castle website.



Strata Tower – Top end of Walworth Road
Developers – Brookfield Multiplex
Architect – Hamilton
Old Castle House site. 43 storeys, 408 homes (30% affordable) and a pavilion with a limited amount of small business space at the bottom. On site Feb 2007. Est. completion 2010


I intend to make a video with a single plan image , representing the size of the frame of my window and the angle of my vision inside . 

I ll collect some statements about the place , some sounds on the street and most import there is a particular programme on British TV that I intend to record some voices talking about regeneration areas and houses . 

Still is a working in progress , waiting to see if there is potential for a final work . 


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