Last decisions

I decided to present the video in four different moments;

1- Sagres wheel  2- Piccadilly Circus  3- Sagres botlles  4- IMArabic lifts

This is the first set of the four video presentation. 

This washing machine from Sagres Insdustry is one of the two connections in betwen the botles instalation. 

The Machines works to wash and recycle botles from used beers . 


In this second video , I m presenting a plan of Piccadilly Circus where the people actions shows the peculiar existence of this non-place. People came and go , or use this round about as a meeting point. In order to visualize the patterns created by peoples actions I decided to change the of the video image to 500%. Also when this Islamic women is crossing the image and the space I felt really like an interruption of the entire hole of action and I decided to slow down the image rate to 25%, and add music. The music change the moment and creates an interference showing this particular moment as an Noise. 

Its also very interesting for me that now this moment connects to the last and 4th video presented. The lifts situation were filmed inside the Institute of the Arabic World in Paris. 

IMG_0251The connection with the bottles continues as they are metaphor for the Human individuality inside a circle as Society. Also the formal connection in between the shapes of the round about and the circle in the room . 


This 3rd video is filmed inside the Sagres Beer Industry and the reason i edited after the Piccadilly video is becouse I felt was a connection in betwen crowed places , mechanical actions related to Human movements .

IMG_0260This is the final and 4th video . 




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