MOAVE                                     Moave, Still Vídeo (work in progress 2013) Mindelo, Cape Verde.

TERRA DE FOGO – (LAND OF FIRE) is a cultural activity based on a 10 days Artistic Residence taking place in Mindelo, organized by ZeroPointArt together with Xerem.

The project is curated by the artist Alex da Silva. It also includes the participation of three artists involved in a Tran disciplinary form of artistic creation where Cristina Ataíde, Susana Anágua e Alexandra Sargento will attempt to implement new ideas and challenges offered by the specificity the local host, exploring different artistic positions, as well as local and global realities related to their personal experiences.

Another important component of this residence taking place in ZeroPointArt Gallery, it is the interaction with the different public and an active part among visitors, the artwork and the new technologies, to the extent that a moving image currently plays a critical role in contemporary societies. Starting with television and going to movies, passing by the new digital media, small devices now comes across millions of common people daily, throughout the world. The access to the social networking has made Marshall McLuhan’s Global Village increasingly real, and by doing so it has become important to stimulate the digital culture in the artistic context, creating critical and reflective approaches to the young men and women in formative years with the tools to unify and proximity.

The enlargement of the contemporary art movement is also an implicit factor Terra de Fogo. This will promotes inter-relationship of the various public regarding the interpersonal exchanges as a form of contemporary, herein centered on public S. Vicente, consequently encouraging learning, discussion, development and production of art outside commercial channels. This explores new directions with in the visual arts, throughout joint practices of different artistic areas, (arts, video, performance and theater) improvement and cultural exchange.

Terra de Fogo offers a various activities, which in addition to artistic residence and exhibition of fine arts, will hold a series of workshops targeted to children and youth, and other activities seeking to create dynamic between creators and the public.


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