Graphos:Brasil TODAY

Gallery Main Entrance
After one year of refurbishing the new Gallery GRAPHOS:BRASIl opens with a 300 sqm of  white walls and industrial floor space. 
Located at the old best known as the antiquaries shopping of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, the Gallery starts its new project with a show of 22 Brazilian and foreign contemporary artists. In the near future its old space will be transformed to be offered to artists to work in studio residencies.
Susana Anágua 2008/9
Susana Anágua 2008/9

Among the Artists my work is composed by two sculptures and a still image of an abandonee industrial place in Lisbon. Polar is a panel of 600 compasses, one of tree pieces that uses thousands of them that never indicates north.

Foto de Jaime Acioli
Foto de Jaime Acioli

The other sculpture is  a metal 120x120x20cm iron box with a mechanism that makes metal powder became a drawing of 6 circles. Sometimes the image and the movement are hypnotic; in other times the spectator can destroy or undo the circles by a single gesture.


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