Cidadela Art District

The Citadel Art District aims to bring contemporary art to the general public by appropriating unconventional spaces and associated mass communication media while promoting artistic development through its mediating role of artists and galleries . On the one hand , brings art into a context of everyday life and on the other , using ” non-places ” or transitional spaces , put on descontextualization.

In the 1st Floor Art District has located studios of artists: Bruno Pereira , Duarte Amaral Netto , Arraiano Paulo , Paulo Brighenti , Pedro Matos and Susana Anágua .

Here , you can know and follow their work process and visit the open studios to the public for 12 months. In Level 0 , we can locate galleries and creative platforms . Among which , the Raw Art Brut Gallery – first gallery of raw art and a Gallery Five – A Portuguese Contemporary art gallery with some established artists such as Luis Alegre , Paulo Mendes , Pedro Cabral Santo , among others . Viarco also opens its first store and Magnetic Magazine establishes its headquarters here and publisher copyright , White Gallery also opens the doors to the public.


Susana Anágua /Open Studio



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