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Assessment Presentation

Over Unit 1, have learned to:

– Develop a research proposal

– Create a timetable for the year

– Prepare the work for presentation (Mid Point Review)

– Analyze and receive critical feedbacks

– Identify outcomes and failures

– How to make a scheme for an Essay.

– To develop a bog in written presentation of my mental process of work.


1º Outcome

From the project proposal

To present it at 6 weeks it was a challenge to my work. For the first time I had to look forward and try to analyze what I have been done so far related with what I want to do in the future.

Since the beginning of the Ma research and when arrived London, started to look for some visual movements on the city that could capture the paradoxes feelings of turning points.

My initial proposal was to research about the phenomenon of Entropy and the possible interpretation and visibility in moving images, so looking at Windmills in London on top of the buildings I realize that they rotation creat an illusion. The fan seams to run to the opposite side as they started.

As a Metaphor this illusion can be related to the effort on decreasing entropy and, as the initial proposals explains, my intentions since the beginning were to observe isolated systems as a microscopically example of entropy and compared to the insertion of that ones in macroscopically view.

So the methadology as changed in a way that I started to look for simple gadgets, forms or situations in London that could brings me the sensation of puzzling this theme to a final result in my research.

Started to open my mind and adapt my observations to new situations such as  having the camera in hand instead of the tripod.

My timetable as been changed. I found very difficult to get authorization to visit industries and privet places so for that reason the methodologies were adapted to that new situations.


2º Outcomes

The Mid point review help me to organize some writings and thoughts for public presentation. The colleague’s critics helped me out to realize that my writings only made sense to me. They should be clearer of my intensions. Some important discussion comes out and its was fundamental for clarify the definition of what is a final work or an option of showing the process in a early state of work and how can I be aware and secure of it. I did make the presentation ambiguous so people couldn’t tell if it was a final work or not.


3º Outcomes


And Essay

From the scheme and the essay I could see a particular theme inside Entropy. By reading and analyzing two different things like a movie and a place I could come out with a third question to research. The key words were;

Energy, order, disorder, attraction and transform.


4º Outcomes

The bog

Writings and images

By so far, seeing all the posts with the videos and images I can clearly identify some connections between them.

Until now I don’t have a final piece, all the videos are a kind of visual research to make an experimental arqhuive of moving images to further analyse if they start to make sense to my research question. They already bring me questions in several aspects of the specific point inside the giant theme of entropy that I chose; the effort to make entropy goes slower or the illusion of reverses the entropy.



So my order and selection of the videos is: 


When the rotation of the windmill fans started to get my attention in order they are an example of the illusion of the movement goes back;




Initially I was attracted by a specific scene on the midnight express movie that was related by that action of the movement and having something that goes against it like the illusion of the fan starting running back. The text of that brought me the contex of Social Entropy



So I started to look at people behaviour on space and the Piccadilly localization comes out as a point of research.



I went to visit a beer industry looking for to see the process of Malte. I found myself attracted to the circular shapes and later to the processes that makes the connection with the energy of temperature and so Entropy (Pharmantation process)



This is an old project with another Artist (Ana Romana) and it brings the idea of Memory as a resource to avoid or decrease Entropy. This space is dead until the memories, of those who worked their once, brings the living actions to the structure again.



The Carris project is a work that should be presented in Lisbon on the 3rd week of June.

A don’t have the final piece yet. The project should be an installation on one of the 4 Funiculars that Lisbon has.  This one in particular is composed by to lifts making journeys together. For me what is going to be the point of interest is the moment they meet each other since they have to share, in the beginning of the street, the same line of circulation. So that moment is visualized like one is in effort to climb and the other is realising the cable and getting down.


1-    Physics Entropy

2-    Social Entropy

3-    Social Entropy

4-    Physics Entropy

5-    Negentropy

6-    Negentropy

 (I´m not sure of these nominations, need more time to reflect on them)







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