Final Show

Project Title

“Ir(reversible systems)”

A vídeo Instalation 

Four videos presentation screening:

1- Sagres wheel  2- Piccadilly Circus  3- Sagres botlles  4- IMArabic lifts








SAGRES stilllifts IMA








The Instalation

113 glass botles and cork, photoluminuscent paint









A 50 word brief description of my project

In a dark room a video-sound-installation brings up several themes as order, chaos, energy, recycling, effort and society patterns.

The video is projected on the wall and the installation comes part of the video when the suspended objects intercept the projector light.

300 word description 

 “In a scientific experiment designed to study the behavior of populations under stress, fish are incrementally introduced in an aquarium. At first, each fish creates its own space. But, as the space available for each individual gets reduced, the fish become increasingly aggressive towards one other. However, there is a point at which the number of fish is so great that the notion of vital space vanishes and the fish settle down as if resigned to their condition. Metaphorically speaking, this experiment raises an interesting question, there is an obvious interpretation whereby in increased disorganization violence will ensue, but from a certain point on enters a phenomenon of auto-organization (restricted available space for each) that results in the lessening of tensions. (Now imagine this at the scale of human society).

“ in a conversation with Carlos B. Pereira”


This metaphor as been fundamental to understand the main concern of my research.

Human as been defined as existing inside an reversible system like society is by definition, states can change and be redefine constantly, because people sometimes cannot just resigned themselves to their own condition and position in the structure of the system.

It seams there is always  some error in the pattern that creates an individual will of a turning point going , inevitably, towards to chaos.   

I found a particular interest on visualize the effort that Man and Machine, does to establish order from disorder, to reorganize systems coming out of the chaos, to produce and invent new orders and how much energy they spend on it. It’s the switch and turning point moments, the illusion of transformation, the tension, that I intent to transport to the moving image.

The video-installation intends to combine Man/Machine situations, that in a macroscopically viewing, goes from and individual state of disorder to create new massive patterns of several different kind of orders.

Therefore, in a microscopically analyses, the paint and glass used in the installation brings the concept of recycling through light energy stored in the organization of the paint particles and   by glowing in the dark, returns it back.

Final result



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