Tutorials and assessement Reports

Name:            Susana Anágua                                 Date:  28/o4/2009


 Issues discussed/Subject: 

About the solutions to the final show .

The options of the videos I have been done until now and how to show then in the same projection. 

The advise of choosing some of then instead of only one was good and made me realise that the important is to plan the visual struture to show then with the installation.

Organize better my blog is the main question . 




 Name:            Susana Anágua                                                Date:  18/11/2008


 Issues discussed/Subject: 

 The tutorial was almost about my Proposal Essay and haw I should increase my proposal with more specific Methods and Timetable.

Write again my proposal

 I have to organize my weeks and define a clear Timetable showing my interests in specific objects to capture, create and film.

Write a description of the methods I pretend to use in order to do my work after obtain results of the timetable process.

All of this in order to have a process register to analyse my work evolution and recognise my learning process.



 I showed tree sketches to videos

 1. Washing the building trough the river

2. Red Engine of boat in the river

3. Galp Project (video and Photos) with Ana João Romana



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