Carris Project 2010


“The Lisbon Trams or electricos run along 5 routes across Lisbon”

“The funicular was inaugurated on October 24, l885. It was originally driven by water

displacement, but it was later converted to steam power. On August 1, 1914, new electric motors were instaled”

“The Glória funicular was opened in 1885 and in February 2002 it was classified as a national monument. It was the second of its kind in Lisbon, thanks to the initiative of the New Lisbon Mechanical Lift Company (Nova Companhia dos Ascensores Mecânicos de Lisboa – N.C.A.M.L.). This company specialised in the building and running of urban transport on sloping terrain. The first of its lifts was the Lavra, opened the year before.

The story of this lift can be traced back to 1875, when the Lisbon City Council gave the rights to two individuals to set up a form of transport on sloping terrain in the Calçada da Glória. The construction projects, however, were never approved and time slipped by.”








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