Northless 2008  
(on-line interview)
“Ideas such as the loss of spatial references and the effort involved in recovering them are at the origin of this artistic proposal by Susana Anágua.
In one of the videos we witness an insect’s experience while in reconnaissance of an inhospitable environment – a white sheet of paper – and looking for its way back into Nature. In another video, the radar at Lisbon’s airport gyrates uninterruptedly searching for and identifying coordinates. In a third work, a large panel of compasses confuses the viewer: a magnetic field of artificial magnets subjects the pointers to uncontrolled movements, thereby stripping them of their function and exhibiting a transgression of the magnetic polar laws.”
Leonor Nazaré  – Curator at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

“RADAR” 2008
Vídeo Loop
LCD screen
“Temperatures reached almost 30º on that April day. Before the weather grew hotter, we agreed on a reconnaissance walk around our house, witch was located in a small valley. We chose to hike uphill along the nearby stream in order to find a higher viewpoint. The villagers had told us that there was some sort of oak tree cemetery on the hilltop, whose trees resembled figures , shapes and monsters . It became our destination.
The pathway had not been cleared. No one had used it in a long time , since , although the trees were numbered , new cork grew on them , a sign that  it had once been used as a pathway but now many years ago that was , no one knew…
We hiked uphill through the brambles and bushes, fowling the house owner – “I think it’s this way …” A few hours later, we were lost , exhausted and directionless.
Our greatest concern then was finding our way back. It was when we decided to rest on the hilltop that we finally sighted the trees that they had told us about.
My expectations betrayed me and I wasn’t as enthusiastic with those monsters and figures made of old trees trunks.
Yet it was while I rested , with my gaze lost in the immerse greenery, that I felt the true enthusiasm; a small butterfly larva moved in a manner so peculiar that I captured my attention for the rest of the day.
I seemed to have found a needle in a haystack!
I decided to make a video  “

Exhibitions Catalogue

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